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Will my insurance cover this treatment?

Medicare and most insurance companies will cover the services provided by wound care centers. The staff at the wound center will work with you to determine the coverage provided by your specific insurance plan.

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How do I know if I need treatment by a specialist or a wound center?

Wounds typically heal without any special treatment. When a wound shows no progress in 2 weeks or is not completely healed in 6 weeks, it needs to be evaluated by a wound care specialist at a wound center to determine the underlying reasons for delayed healing. Many people with circulation issues or diabetes will have these problematic wounds. Others may have an underlying infection or cancerous process that needs to be addressed. A wound healing center, such as the Hyper-Healing centers, is staffed with specialists dedicated to detecting and treating the reasons why these wounds don’t and won’t heal. We work with vascular surgeons and endocrinologists in the clinic to also quickly and completely address these underlying problems.

Will my family doctor get a report on my care?

We regularly report back to your family doctor, or any other specialist that may have referred you to our clinic, regarding your progress. We believe that wound healing is a team approach and we like to work with your existing physicians as well as provide you with other specialists as needed.

How often would I need to come for treatment?

During the initial stages of treatment at a wound healing center, patients are typically seen every 7-10 days. Many times this is due to aggressively treating some of the underlying medical issues that caused the delayed wound healing in the first place. The frequency of the visits, however, is always determined by the individual patients need. We also provide resources for transportation as well as work with home health agencies to accommodate your schedule and needs.

What treatments are offered at the wound center?

There are a number of advanced wound care treatments uniquely tailored to each patient and each wound ranging from antibiotic impregnated specialty dressings, wound VAC (negative pressure wound therapy), specialized compression wrappings, to regenerative medicine and biologic grafts. We will also soon be offering hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments.

How will my healing progress be monitored?

At each visit, the wound care team will measure the wound and assess your wound for signs of healing. Pictures of the wound(s) are typically taken every 2 weeks. Through our patient portal, you can also access your records and pictures from anywhere to see the progression.

Will the treatments be painful?

Depending on the procedure and the patient, there may be minimal to no discomfort. We try to minimize the discomfort of the treatments with a variety of local anesthetic methods in the clinic.

Will I need a referral?

For Medicare and most private insurances, you will not need a referral. However, our staff will work with you to determine whether or not your specific insurance plan will require a referral.

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Covered Conditions

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