Nurse Practitioner

Imee Mateo Downing

Imee is a hard-working, dedicated worker. She puts her heart into whatever she needs to do. She
is ambitious with a good purpose. She is a devoted Christian. She resides in Riverview, Florida,
with her husband and beloved Shiba-Inu, Aiko.

About Imee Mateo Downing

Imee Mateo Downing was born and raised in Pandi, Bulacan, Philippines. Growing up, her father always reminded her to keep learning and helping many people when she could. Imee became an inspiration to many in her local community. Imee is an only child and prefers to have a meaningful life. IMEE earned two bachelor’s degrees, in commerce major in Information Technology, where she graduated from St. Paul University of Quezon City Philippines year of 1999, and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing where she graduated from Our Lady of Fatima University, Valenzuela Philippines year of 2005. Her first visit to the United States of America was in 2001, when she fell in love with the American dream. She went back to the Philippines to pursue nursing, and soon enough, in 2006, she was equipped and skilled to practice as a registered nurse in the state of Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Florida, and Nevada. Her employment was sponsored by a dialysis company, Fresenius Medical Care. Imee wore many hats in Fresenius Medical Care. She became a clinic manager after two years and an educator. She met her loving and supporting spouse, Jeff Downing, in Bradenton, Florida. Imee and her husband attempted to conceive, but unfortunately, it was unsuccessful. The unwanted experience of Imee and her husband gave her a calling to pursue the graduate school program to be a nurse practitioner. Imee obtained her masters degree in nursing at Purdue University Global, concentrating on Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, where she earned a High GPA recognition. Imee had an outstanding work experience in the palliative and hospice program of Southwest Medical Associates, part of Optum Care in Las Vegas, Nevada. After more than a year, she worked as a case manager and was promoted to a liaison position. That specific job motivated her to pursue the graduate program as she worked with her fantastic supervisor, who is also a nurse practitioner. Additionally, as she was exposed to different facilities, she met and worked with various providers who encouraged her to start the process of enrolling. Imee's experience as a home health nurse exposed her to wound care which she enjoys. Imee became tougher and a fighter. In 2019, she and her husband moved back to Florida State. Unfortunately, that same year, she was diagnosed with low-grade uterine carcinoma, which is currently resolved. Imee is also a Zumba instructor and loves fitness and nutrition. Imee is a platinum member of Empire Medical Training school, where she earned a certificate and training for Botox and Fillers. She aims to enhance her wound care, dermatology, and aesthetics skills. Her goal as a provider is to be part of significant progress and change in health care and reduce hospital admission and readmission. The most important is to keep the patient or client happy and satisfied.